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2017 Louisiana Region 5 Science & Engineering Fair

Winners List



2017 LR5SEF Photos


((If you see any listing that is misspelled or incorrect in any way, please send me an email and let me know - Brady Gentry -  trevize@suddenlink.net

I would like to thank all students, teachers, parents, judges, volunteers, special awards organizations and businesses, all of our very supportive sponsors, and Region 5 Science Fair Staff for helping to make the 2017 Fair a huge success.  If you have any suggestions at all to improve on the 2018 Fair, I urge you to please let Judy Reeves, 2017 Director, know.  

Best of Fair Winner gets an automatic bid to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, California in May. (This year Senior Divison Winner also goes to ISEF in California)

202017 Best of Fair 

Donald Martin, Academics, ETC.

(ISEF FInalist)

2017 Senior Division Winner 

Jason Dong, Barbe High School

(ISEF Finalist)

2017 Junior Division Winner 

Braden Magness, S.P. Arnette

2017 Elementary Division Winner 

Noah Muzzey, Pinewood Elementary

2017 Best of Schools

Senior Division

LaGrange Senior High

Junior Division

St. Margaret Catholic School

Elementary Division

Pinewood Elementary


Alexandra Albrecht & William Albrecht, Barbe High School



The judging criteria for Categories and Special Awards are different.  Special Award sponsors typically provide guidelines and stipulations as to who their awards should be given to.  A student may pick up several Special Awards while at the same time not even placing in a category.  The Louisiana Region 5 Science and Engineering Fair has no influence on criteria for Special Awards.  Also, the selection of the Division Winners is done from the group of 1st Place Winners in each division.  The judging is done by an independent team that was not involved in the category judging.  Special Awards that any student may have garnered have no determination what so ever on whether or not he or she places and / or receives Best Of Division.


Senior Division Winners by Category


Animal Sciences

Behavioral & Social

1st - David Spicer & Phillip Papillion, Sulphur High School





1st - Rachael Johnson, LaGrange Sr.

2nd - Makalia Rideaux  LaGrange Senior

3rd - Jarrett Constance, Johnson Bayou

HM - Trent Trahan, Johnson Bayou

HM - Madison Bergeron, Sulphur



Biomedical & Health

 1st - Maleah Williams & Lyanna Adams, LaGrange High


1st - Jaylyn Heyward & Layanna Adams, LaGrange High



Earth & Environmental

1st - Karley Williams, Sulphur High

3rd - Joseph Stamatis, Johnson Bayou


  1st - Nesha Rubin, Sulphur High

2nd - Brandon Williams, LaGrange High


Energy - Chemical

Engineering - Mechanics

1st - Bradyn Romero, LaGrange High



  1st - Donald Martin, Academics, ETC.

2nd - Janson Tucker & Dakoda Denton, Sulphur High


Material Science


1st - Jason Dong, Barbe High School

2nd - Ethan Mills, Pathway Christian


  2nd - Whitney Celestine, LaGrange High




Physics & Astronomy

1st - Jada Guillory, LaGrange High


1st - Joshua Hughes, Pathways Christian


Plant Sciences

Systems Software

1st - Katlyn Gardner & Jalyn Pitre, LaGrange High

2nd - Megan Alexander, Sulphur High

3rd - Caitlyn Evans, LaGrange High

HM - Chloe Foreman, LaGrange High


          1st - Nathan Jimney, LaGrange high

2nd - Alexandra Albrecht & William Albrecht, Barbe High School

3rd - Marissa Manuel & Alexis Matt, Pathways Christian


Junior Division Winners by Category

Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

 1st - Mia Cruickshank, St. Margaret

2nd - Camille Karriker, ICCS

3rd - Cameo Muth, F.K. White

HM - Kyle Rutherford, Moss Bluff Middle

HM - Kyle Rutherford, Moss Bluff



1st - Ethan Marque, EDS

2nd -  Grace Sonnier & Amariah Wattia, Jennings Middle

3rd - Kassidy Richard, Our Lady Imacullate Catholic School

HM - Ella Segura, Our Lady Imacculate

HM - Ella Segura, Our Lady Immaculate



Biomedical & Health Science

 1st - Anthony Trahan, Johnson Bayou

2nd - Dylan Fontenot, L.C. Charter Acad.

     3rd - Lena Bonoit, Johnson Bayou

HM - Coleman Zeringue, ICCS

HM - Corry Muth, F.K. White



1st - Jada Grossi & Allyson Blanchard, Moss Bluff Middle 

     2nd - Sydney Strout, F.K. White

3rd - Brock Reed, Life Christian Academy

HM - Anna Fredricks, ICCS

HM - Arden Stroderd & Arecia Robinson, Our Lady's Catholic


Cellular & Molecular Biology


1st- Jade Briley, St. Margaret Catholic

2nd- Kaitryln Odom & Rachal Brown, Lacassine Middle

3rd- Abigail Thomas, Johnson Bayou

HM - Shyla Arsement, Lacassine



1st - Andrew Wang, EDS

2nd - E lla Scroggs, ICCS

3rd - Evan Bourgeois, Lacassine Middle

HM - Makayla Savant & Maggie Leckelt, Lacassine Middle

HM - Caroline Weise, ICCS


Earth & Environmental Science

Energy - Chemical

1st - Emma McCall, ICCS

2nd - Maggie Reeves, St. Margaret

3rd - Serina Arabie, St. Margaret

HM - Jessie Vincent, St. Margaret

HM - Abigail Sugandi, F.K. White


 1st - Will Davis, ICCS

2nd - Olivia Derouen, St. Margaret

   3rd - Remy Coleman, Johnson Bayou

HM - Luke Caballero, ICCS

HM - Luca Grossi & Nathan Blanchard, Moss Bluff Micccle


Energy - Physical Engineering Mechanics
1st - Avery Meche, St. Margaret

2nd - Dakota Martin, Pathways Christian

3rd - Kylan Stanley, F.K. White

HM - John Vinson, S.P. Arnette

HM - Brody Soileau, Our Lady Immaculate


1st - Braden Magness, S.P. Arnette

2nd - Blain McMillin, S.P. Arnette

3rd - Drew Meyers, ICCS

HM - Wesley Maze, EDS

HM - Elijah Monceaux, Johnson Bayou School


Environmental Engineering

Material Science

1st - Nicholas Harris, St. Margaret

2nd - Xander Kihlken, St. Margaret

3rd - Bailey Williams, F.K. White




1st - Holden Jackson, EDS

2nd - Haden Gallien, St. Margaret

3rd - Elizabeth Post, F.K. White

HM - Normagail Dedear, St. Margaret

HM - Esme LeDay, Fenton Elementary


Material Science 2

1st - Grant Manuel, Pathways Christian

2nd - Skylee Warner, Life Christian

3rd - Mattie Soileau, F.K. White

HM - Sydney Pawlowski & Andi Cantu, Moss Bluff Middle

HM - Jorden Robinson, St. Margaret


1st - Miles Guillory, St. Margaret

2nd - Lexie King & Kristen Broxton, Fenton Elementary

3rd - Arden Turner, EDS

HM - Cody Lyons, Our Lady Immaculate

   HM - Christian Veillon, Moss Bluff Mid.


Physics & Astronomy

Plant Science
1st - Tyler Istre, F.K. White

2nd - Joshua Dubard, Moss Bluff Middle

3rd - Addison Bertrand, ICCS

HM - Mary Wicke, St. Margaret

HM - Joy Dong, F.K White


1st - Briley Kent, Johnson Bayou

2nd - Colin Smith, St. Margaret

3rd - Nicholas Ughovwa, EDS

HM - Pawan Thind, EDS

HM - Beanna Talbot & Brook Guillory, Fenton


Systems Software


1st -LaTroy Proctor, F.K. White




Elementary Division Winners by Category

Animal Science

Behavioral and Social

1st - Bayli Jones, Pinweood Elem.

2nd - Nicholas Rochelle, Pinewood Elem.

 3rd - Mario Munteanu, T.S. Cooley

HM - Joslynn Deal, Life Christian

HM - Allie Himel, Lacassine


 1st - Anna Saltzman, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Branden Drawhorn, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Kelsey Gonzalas, Pinweood Elem.





Biomedical & Health Science

1st - Meredith Guidroz, Moss Bluff Elem .

2nd -Matthew Goodly, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Riddick Colon, Pinewood Elem.

HM - Elizabeth Tarkington, Dolby Elementary

HM - Lucas Cook, Life Christian


1st - Ryan Armetta, Pinewood Elem.

2nd - Madison Wilson, Pinewood Elem.

3rd - Brooklyn Doucete & Julia Greet, Jennings Elementary

HM - Libby Guidry, Lacassine Elem.

HM - Devon Zachary, Brentwood


Cellular & Molecular

Chemistry 1

1st -Kain Fulton, Lacassine Elem.

2nd - Ethan Sonnier & Kolby Sellers, Moss Bluff Elementary





1st - Avery Schulz & Morgan Hebert, Moss Bluff Elementary

2nd - Emmery Edwards & Alyssa Daigle, Jennings Elementary

3rd - Ryleigh Riggs, Pinewood Elementary

HM - Jhadyn Gotte, Jennings Elementary

HM - Lily Carlile, T.S. Cooley


Chemistry 2

Earth & Environmental

 1st - Mikayla Bonds, Pinewood Elem.

2nd - Gregor Nolan, T.S. Cooley Elem.

3rd - Abigail Vincent, E.K. Key Elem.

HM - Haley Bowles, E.K. Key Elem.

HM - Presley Harlow & Lillie Wainwright, Moss Bluff Elementary


1st - Noah Muzzey, Pinewood Elementary

2nd - Kayla Meadows, Pinewood Elem.

3rd - Kierstine Pousson, E.K. Key Elem.

HM - Billy Gregory, T.S. Cooley Elem.

HM - Taylor Talbott & Jaya Gradney, Fenton Elementary


Embedded Systems

Energy - Chemical

1st - Kelly Norris, Pinewood Elementary

2nd - Gautham T.S. Cooley Elem

3rd - Kaidan Collum, Johnson Bayou

HM - Zaniya Poullard, Brentwood Elem.


1st - Hayden Harrington, Johnson Bayou

2nd - Janey Mueller, T.S. Cooley Elem.

3rd - Tyler Reed, Dolby Elementary

      HM - Kylie Menard, E.K. Key Elem.


Energy - Physical


1st - Laila Royster, T.S. Cooley Elem.

 2nd - Thomas Graham & Damon Domingue, Oakdale Elementary



1st - Jordan LaPointe, Lacassine Elem.

2nd - Elias Gill, Rosepine Elementary

3rd - Emma Lecompte, Jennings Elem

HM - Kaden Miller, Lacassine Elem.



Material Science
1st - Edmond Barry, Life Christian

2nd - Erica Guillet, Moss Bluff Elem.

3rd - Kaitlyn Tackett, Pinewood Elem.




1st - Landon Johnson, Lacassine Elem.

2nd - Cadence McCreddy, Johnson Bayou

3rd - Riley Dwight, Moss Bluff Elementary

HM - Lelyn Saucier, Moss Bluff Elementary

HM - Jackson Saucier, Dolby Elem.



1st - Hannah Bell, Pinewood Elementary

2nd - Aiden Dibartolo, College Oaks






1st - Brody Tanner, T.S. Cooley Elem.

2nd - Karlie Church & Kinley Dartez, Moss Bluff Elementary

3rd - Nigil Ashworth, Gillis Elementary

HM - Trent Romero, Johnson Bayou

HM - Kayson Anderson, Pinewood Elementary


Physics & Astronomy

Plant Science

1st - Erin Duhon, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Jayden Williams, College Oaks

3rd - Alahna Hicks & Cami Lejeune,  Jennings Elementary

HM - Nathan Briles, Fairview Elem.

HM - Clark Bell, Pinewood


   1st - Cate Anderson T.S. Cooley

2nd - Layla Navarre, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Chloe Duplichan, Moss Bluff Elementary

HM - Gabriella Trent, E.K. Key Elem.

HM - Brady Arnold, T.S. Cooley


Robotics & Intelligence


1st - Dane Hayes, Rosepine Elem.

2nd - Lauren Mitchel, Pinewood Elem.

3rd - Zoie LeFranc, Lacassine Elem.





Special Award Winners

U. S. Air Force
Erin Duhon, T.S. Cooley Elementary
Mateo Este-McDonald, Lake Charles Charter Adacemy
Braden Magness, S.P. Arnette Middle
Nathan Jimney, LaGrange Senior High
U. S. Navy
Grant Manual, Pathways Christian
Mateo Este-McDonald, Lake Charles Charter Adacemy
Blaine McMillin, S.P. Arnette Middle School
Donald Martin, Academics, ETC.
Jason Dong, Barbe Senior High School
ASM International
Jason Dong, Barbe Senior High School
ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives
Nesha Rubin, Sulphur High School
U.S. Metric Association
Janey Mueller, T.S. Cooley Magnet Elementary

American Meteorological Society

SMaggie Reeves, St. Margaret Catholic School
Emma Nixon, Bishop Noland Episcopoal Day School

NASA Earth System Science Award

SNesha Rubin, Sulphur High School
Intel Excellence In Computer Science
Nathan Jimney, LaGrange Senior High School
Mu Alpha Theta
Whitney Celestine, LaGrange Senior High School
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award
Alexandra Albrecht & William Albrecht, Barbe Senior High School
Regeneron Science Talent Search
Jason Dong, Barbe Senior High School

Bradyn Romero, LaGrange Senior High School

Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Nesha Rubin, Sulphur High School
Karley Williams, Sulphur High School
Association for Women Geoscientists
Emma McCall, Immaculate Conception Cathedral School
Yale Science & Engineering
Donald Martin, Academics Etc.

TRU Solutions

Nevaeh Tackett
Jackson Saucier
Darrick Jasmine
Saskae Sheckells
Aiden Walker
Emma Lecompte

Broadcom Masters

Grant Manuel, Pathways Christian School
Avery Meche, St. Margaret
Anthony Trahan, Johnson Bayou
Emma McCall, Imaculate Conception Cathedral School
Will Davis, Imaculate Conception Cathedral School
Andrew Wang, Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School
Braden Magness, S.P. Arnette School
Jade Briley, St. Margaret Catholic School
Jada Grossi & Allyson Blanchard, Moss Bluff Middle School
Briley Kent, Johnson Bayou High
Nicholas Harris, St. Margaret Catholic School

Holden Jackson, Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School

Ethan Marque, Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School

   Mia Cruickshank, St. Margaret Catholic School

Miles Guillory, St. Margaret Catholic School
Tyler Istre, F.K. White

American Psychological Association

Branden Drawhorn, T.S. Cooley Elementary
NOAA US Department of Commerce
Maggie Reeves, St. Margaret Catholic School

NEED Awards

Edmond Barry, Lif Christian Academy
Noay Muzzey, Pinewood Elementary
Emma McCall, Imaculate Conception Cathedral School
Nesha Rubin, Sulphur High School
Karley Williams, Sulphur High School

Chamber of Southwest Louisiana Environmental Affairs

 Grades 3-5: 1st Place- Kaitlyn Tackett  - Pinewood Elementary
 Grades 3-5: 2nd Place- YooJin Tiffany Kim  - Pinewood Elementary
 Grades 3-5: 3rd Place- YooJung Irene Kim  - Pinewood Elementary
Grades 6-8: 1st Place - Jessica Haley  - DeQuincy Middle School
 Grades 6-8: 2nd Place- Tatum Simmons - Lake Charles Charter Adademy

Grades 6-8: 3rd Place- Ken Miller - Lake Charles Charter Adacemy




1st Individual:  Ciara Tousaint - Lake Charles Charter
2nd Individual:  Andrew Dumas - Lake Charles Charter
3rd Individual: Tiara Victorian - LaGrange High School
1st Team: Mattie, Taylo & Kelsie - S.P. Arnette Middle
2nd Team: Emma, Demi, Kaleigh - S.P. Arnette Middle
3rd Team: Devin, Cabe, Connor - S.P. Arnette Middle
1st Group: Payton, Mayte, Carli, Courtney - S.P. Arnette Middle
2nd Group: Noah, Owen, Carson, Dylan - S.P. Arnette Middle
3rd Group: Katie, Kaydence, Keigan, Kandice - S.P. Arnette Middle



1st Group- Britney Cunningham, Erika Turner, Braylon Harris, Diamond Webb, Kiahna Isadore, Ashley Wright, Isaiah Kirklin - Oak Park Middle

2nd Group: Ravon Guillory, Aisha Doyle, Chris Dixson, Janae Jackson - LaGrange High
3rd Group: Jordan C., Gjrea E., Diamond J. - LaGrange High


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