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Intel International  Science Engineering Fair Photos

Following are a few photos from  Intel International Science and Engineering Fairs that were held in recent years.  Some are courtesy of Mr. Clint Tanner, ISEF,  and Larry Hu, repeat Finalist at three ISEFs, as well as Benjamin Unsworth, 3 time Finalist and Sanjay Saraf, 2 time Finalist.  The below presentation also includes Taylor Wood and Mary Unsworth - 2007 ISEF Albuquerque, New Mexico and  Taylor Wood, Mary and Rebekah Unsworth, and Virginia Martin at the 2008 ISEF in Atlanta, Georgia. Hopefully this year's Louisiana Region 5 Finalists will bring back some awesome photos that can be added to the album.


Larry was enrolled at the University of Washington, majoring in Computer Engineering.  I managed to solicit the following insight from Mr. Hu concerning the benefits of attending an ISEF: "I have talked to several people working in undergraduate admissions offices and they deem that attending at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair as an excellent credential.  One of the most important perks about attending an ISEF though, is that the ISEF gives developing Scientists & Engineers the proper mind-set for their respective fields of study. Research at college is an excellent skill to have. The ISEF experience truly was one of a kind, even after attending to several fairs. One of my most memorable events was the judging (Believe it or not), along with meeting current and future scientists & engineers. Bottom line, whether or not ISEF helps in the college admissions process, and I'm sure it does without a doubt, the most important aspect of ISEF is quite possibly the added experience from it, both technical and personal".  The LR5SEF would like to thank Larry for his photos and thoughts on ISEF competition.  Participating in an International Science Fair is truly an experience of a lifetime!

These photos will give you some idea of what an International Fair is like.  Normal attendance at an ISEF consists of 1500+ high school students from all 50 US states and over 47 countries.  Everyone competes for over $ 4 million in awards and scholarships.  More than 1,200 judges from colleges and universities, government agencies and the private sector evaluate exhibits and interact with students.  The 2024 ISEF will be held in Los Angeles, Ca. May 11 - 17, 2024.  The exhibits will be displayed in an area that takes up as much space as two football fields.  At the fair it is estimated over 30,000 meals and bottles of water to be consumed, and a five to seven mile daily workout for many of the Fair's organizers.  As far as the local economy goes - how about 10,000 hotel room nights, 15,000 restaurant meals, and a $10 million impact on the city.   The bottom line is - an ISEF is one major event!  Please visit their website for more information. 


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