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2015 Louisiana Region 5 Science & Engineering Fair

Winners List



2015 LR5SEF Photos


((If you see any listing that is misspelled or incorrect in any way, please send me an email and let me know - Brady Gentry -  trevize@suddenlink.net

I would like to thank all students, teachers, parents, judges, volunteers, special awards organizations and businesses, all of our very supportive sponsors, and Region 5 Science Fair Staff for helping to make the 2015 Fair a huge success.  If you have any suggestions at all to improve on the 2016 Fair, I urge you to please let Judy Reeves, 2015 Director, know.  

Best of Fair Winner and the Senior Division Winner get an automatic bid to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pa. in May. 

202015 Best of Fair 

Ethan Mills, Pathways Christian School

2015 Senior Division Winner 

Elizabeth Martin, Academics, ETC

2015 Junior Division Winner 

Nathaniel Hill, Maplewood Middle

2015 Elementary Division Winner 

Adam Cagnolatti, T.S. Cooley

2015 Best of Schools

Senior Division - Pathway Christian School (1st year running)

Junior Division - St. Margaret Catholic (13th year running)

Elementary Division - T.S. Cooley (5th year running)


Ethan Mills, Pathways Christian School



The judging criteria for Categories and Special Awards are different.  Special Award sponsors typically provide guidelines and stipulations as to who their awards should be given to.  A student may pick up several Special Awards while at the same time not even placing in a category.  The Louisiana Region 5 Science and Engineering Fair has no influence on criteria for Special Awards.  Also, the selection of the Division Winners is done from the group of 1st Place Winners in each division.  The judging is done by an independent team that was not involved in the category judging.  Special Awards that any student may have garnered have no determination what so ever on whether or not he or she places and / or receives Best Of Division.


Senior Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

1st - Ana Marie Seneca, Pathways Christian






1st - Kyla Smylie, LaGrange Sr.  

2nd - Jauntressa Rosette, LaGrange Sr.

3rd - De'Andre Lafleur, LaGrange Sr.

HM - Makya Edwards, LaGrange Sr.

HM - Dylan Bartie, LaGrange Senior High School



Computer Science

 1st - Deanna Brister & Covey Landen, Rosepine High

2nd - Laura Myers & Dawson Johno, Rosepine High

3rd - Kamryn LeBlanc, LaGrange High

HM - Taylor Mouton, LaGrange High


1st - William Albrecht, Barge High






Energy & Transportation

Engineering Electo/Mech

1st - Evalis Hayes, LaGrange High

2nd - Jordan Lewis, LaGrange High

3rd - Johnte' Viltz, LaGrange High


  1st - Devan Griffin, LaGrange High

2nd - Matthew Cormier, LaGrange High

3rd - Keonte Web, LaGrange High


Engineering Material/Bio

Environmental Science

1st - Joseph Habisreitinger, Vinton High

2nd - Omar Reider, LaGrange High


  1st - Ethan Mills, Pathways Christian 

2nd - Image Edwards, LaGrange High



Medicine & Health

1st - Elizabeth Martin, Academics ETC



  1st - Hannah Lonnett, LaGrange High

2nd - Diamond John, LaGrange High



Physics & Astronomy

1st - Paul Griffin, LaGrange High

2nd - Allysa Rigmaiden, LaGrange High


1st - JaLyn Pitre, LaGrange High




Junior Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

 1st - Hope McDaniel, St. Margaret

2nd - Will Monic, Our Lady Immaculate

3rd - Noah Scarborough, OLI

HM - Madison Scroggins, St. Margaret

HM - Evan Marque, EDS


1st - Colin Churchman, St. Margaret

2nd -  Harkiran Kaur, EDS

3rd - Scotti Moffett, EDS

HM - Andrew Price, EDS

HM - Isabella Harris, St. Margaret




 1st - Jillian Primeaux, St. Margaret






1st - Andrew Castleberry, EDS 

2nd - Jordan Lundy, EDS

     3rd - Rachel Goodley, Oberlin

HM - Wesley Maze, EDS

HM - Jayden Robinson, St. Margaret


Computer Science

Earth  Science

1st- Alexandra Albrecht, F.K. White



1st - Brandon Parrish, St. Margaret

2nd - Mary Dempsey, St. Margaret


Energy & Transportation

Engineering Material/Bio

1st - Hunter Williamson & Klayton Sonnier, Oberlin

2nd - Caleb Harris, St. Margaret

3rd - Catherine Kaough, ICCS'


 1st - William McNally, Our Lady Immaculate

2nd - Maggie Reeves, St. Margaret



Environmental Science Mathemetics
1st - Saizar Berlanga, St. Margaret

2nd - Aislin Nixion, St. Margaret

3rd - Colin Schram, St. Margaret

HM - Maximillian Arrington, J.I. Watson

HM - Alexis Bostick, W.W. Lewis


1st - Ruhee Marfathia, St. Margaret






Medicine & Health


1st - Nicholas Berryhill, ICCS

2nd - Jade Briley, St. Margaret

3rd - Lucia Byrne, ICCS

HM - Collin Rozas, J.I. Watson

HM - Torey Washington, St. Margaret


1st - Nicholas Ughovwa, EDS

2nd - Lauren Broussard, St. Margaret

3rd - Ally Trahan, St. Margaret




Physics & Astronomy

Plant Science
1st - Seth Rodriguez, Our Lady Immaculate

2nd - Cameron Canup, St. Margaret

3rd - Will Theriot, St. Margaret

HM - Jacob Ardoin, EDS

HM - Jacob Rhodes, St. Margaret


1st - Nathaniel Hill, Maplewood Middle

2nd - Colton Bailey, Rosepine

3rd - Morgan Futch, Our Lady Immaculate School





Elementary Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral and Social

1st - Corbin Caldwell, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Jillian Morris, Pinewood Elem.

 3rd - Katie Willis, Frasch Elem.

HM - Saja Shalby, A.A. Nelson



 1st - Hannah Galicia, A.A. Nelson

2nd - Gabby MacNamara, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Bianca Williams, Moss Bluff Elem.

HM - Kristen Goodly, T. S. Cooley

HM - Allie Breaux, Moss Bluff Elem.



Cellular and Molecular

1st - Helena Rossowski, T.S. Cooley

2nd -Miriam Derouen, Frasch Elem.

3rd - Amya Myles. Oberlin Elem.

HM - Gabrielle Aymond, Moss Bluff Elem



1st - Ana Guillet, Moss Bluff Elementary

2nd - Tina Liu, A.A. Nelson

3rd - Sophie Medwick, Frasch Elementary




Chemistry 1

Chemistry 2

1st - Chanler Wing, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Kaleb Scoville, Gillis Elem.

3rd - Julia Landry, A.A. Nelson

HM - Marlie Clayton, A.A. Nelson

HM - Tate Fontenot, Frasch Elem. 


1st - Abigail Nolan, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Evan Bourgeois, Lacassine Elem.

3rd - John Paul, Pinewood Elem.

HM - Amaiyah Charles, Ralph Wilson

HM - Jakobi Steward, Fairview Elem.


Computer Science

Earth Science

 1st - Mason Jeffers, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Trevor Ceaser, A. A. Nelson





1st - Logan Miller, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Cameo Muth, T. S. Cooley 

3rd - Jacey LeJeune, A. A. Nelson

HM - Taylor Hebert, E.K. Key Elem.

HM - Zane Doucet, A.A. Nelson


Energy & Transportation


1st - Ethan Peloquin, St. Theodore Holy Family

2nd - Meyah Garnett, Pinewood Elem.

3rd - Trelyn Mele, Oak Park Elem.

HM - Tylar Joseph, T.S. Cooley

HM - Quinton Collins, T.S. Cooley


1st - Adam Cagnolatti, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Joshua Dubard, Gillis Elementary

3rd - Lane Burton, Frasch Elem.

      HM - Arianna Johnson, Oberlin Elementary

HM - Blayne Carepenter, E.K. Key Elem.


Engineering Electo/Mech

Environmental Science

1st - Ian Barnes, Rosepine Elem.

 2nd - Chandler McClenahan, E.K. Key Elem. 




1st - Isabella Soileau, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Michael Benoit, St. Theodore Holy Family

3rd - Bianca Ames, A.A. Nelson

HM - Cameron Thompson, E.K. Key Elem.



Medicine & Health
1st - Dylan Fontenot, Lake Charles Charter Academy

2nd - Labbie Brady, Frasch Elementary

3rd - Blake Deshotel, A.A. Nelson

HM - Andrew Glass, A.A. Nelson



1st - Cameron Monceaux, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Aiden Manuel, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Connor Broussard, Pinewood Elementary

HM - Elizabeth Moon, Moss Bluff Elem.

HM - Alonnie Celestine, T.S. Cooley



Physics & Astronomy
1st - Jayla Macon, A.A. Nelson

2nd - Frasch Elementary

3rd - Aubree Jackson, T.S. Cooley

HM - Amarion Venzant, A.A. Nelson

HM - Annabelle Tompson, T.S. Cooley



1st - Mateo Este-McDonald, Lake Charles Charter School

2nd - Trenton Thibodeaux, J.F. Kennedy Elementary

3rd - Kayden Taylor, Frasch Elem.

HM - Caden Gaudet, Frasch Elem.

HM - Kaleb Lirette, Frasch Elem.


Plant Science

1st - Darren Metoyer, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Abigail Hayes, A.A. Nelson

3rd - Victoriah Kelley, E.K. Key

HM - Abby Hinton, T.S. Cooley

HM - Frasch Elementary




Special Award Winners

U. S. Air Force
Hunter Williamson & Klayton Sonnier, Oberlin
Caleb Harris, St. Margaret
William McNally, Our Lady Immaculate
U. S. Navy
Rachel Goodley, Oberlin
Hope McDaniel, St. Margaret.
Alexandra Albrecht, F.K. White
Nicholas Berryhill, ICCS
Deanna Brister & Covey Landen, Rosepine High
Ethan Mills, Pathways Christian School
ASM International
Ethan Mills, Pathways Christian School
ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives
Matthew Cormier, LaGrange Senior
Joseph Habisreitinger, Vinton High
U.S. Metric Association
Kaleb Scoville, Gillis Elementary
Genius Olympiad
Ethan Mills, Pathways Christian School
Image Edwards, LaGrange Senior

American Meteorological Society

Joseph, Habisreitinger, Vinton High

Department of Health & Human Services

Key'Anna Bernard, Ralph Wilson Elementary
Intel Excellence In Computer Science
William Albrecht, Barbe Senior
Intel Talent Search
Ethan Mills, Pathways Christian School
Elizabeth Martin, Academics, ETC
William Albrecht, Barbe Senior
Mu Alpha Theta
Elizabeth Martin, Academics ETC
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award
Ethan Mills, Pathways Christian School
Association for Women Geoscientists
Taylor Hebert, E.K. Key
Yale Science & Engineering
Alexandra Albrecht, F.K. White

Broadcom Masters

Hope McDaniel, St. Margaret
Seth Rodriguez, Our Lady Immaculate
Alexandra Albrecht, F.K. White
Andrew Castleberry, EDS
Nathaniel Hill, Maplewood Middle
Saizar Berlanga, St. Margaret
Nicholas Berryhill, ICCS
Nicholas Ughovwa, EDS

American Psychological Association

Colin Churchman, St. Margaret
NOAA US Department of Commerce
Joseph Habisreitinger, Vinton High

NEED Awards

Adam Cagnolatti, T.S. Cooley
Meyah Garnett, Pinewood Elementary
Joshua Dubard, Gillis Elementary
Catherine Kaough, ICCS
Nicholas Ughovwa, EDS
Aislin Nixion, St. Margaret
Matthew Cormier, LaGrange Senior
Omar Reider, LaGrange Senior
Devan Griffin, LaGrange Senior

Chamber of Southwest Louisiana Environmental Affairs

1st Place - Brandon Corona,  St Margaret
2nd Place - Sam Boullt,  St Margaret
3rd Place - Anna Grove,  St Margaret


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