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2014 Louisiana Region 5 Science & Engineering Fair

Winners List



2014 LR5SEF Photos


I would like to thank all students, teachers, parents, judges, volunteers, special awards organizations and businesses, all of our very supportive sponsors, and Region 5 Science Fair Staff for helping to make the 2014 Fair a huge success.  If you have any suggestions at all to improve on the 2015 Fair, I urge you to please let Judy Reeves, 2014 Director, know.  

Best of Fair Winner and the Senior Division Winner get an automatic bid to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, California in May. 

202014 Best of Fair 

John Ham, DeRidder High School

2014 Senior Division Winner 

Angelle Leger, Barbe High School

2014 Junior Division Winner 

Donald Martin, Academics ETC.

2014 Elementary Division Winner 

Erin Hidalgo, Frasch Elementary

2014 Best of Schools

Senior Division - Barbe Senior High (1st year running)

Junior Division - St. Margaret Catholic (12th year running)

Elementary Division - T.S. Cooley (4th year running)


John Ham, DeRidder High School



The judging criteria for Categories and Special Awards are different.  Special Award sponsors typically provide guidelines and stipulations as to who their awards should be given to.  A student may pick up several Special Awards while at the same time not even placing in a category.  The Louisiana Region 5 Science and Engineering Fair has no influence on criteria for Special Awards.  Also, the selection of the Division Winners is done from the group of 1st Place Winners in each division.  The judging is done by an independent team that was not involved in the category judging.  Special Awards that any student may have garnered have no determination what so ever on whether or not he or she places and / or receives Best Of Division.


Senior Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

1st - Russel Froemming, Rosepine High

2nd - Mikeh Connor, Barbe High

3rd - Haley Bryan, Barbe High


1st - Jake Prather, DeRidder High  

2nd - Shifa Jiwani, Barbe High

3rd - Joy Tyler, LaGrange High



Cellular & Molecular Science

1st - Brionne Alfred, Barbe High

2nd - Victoria Herline, Vinton High


1st - Erin Boute, Barbe High  




Computer Science

 1st - Ryan Gilchrist, Barbe High

2nd - Hunter Rogers, Barbe High

3rd - Brittany Hebert/Kaylee Orr, Reeves


1st - Jacob Massi, DeRidder High

2nd - Elizabeth Martin, Academics ETC

3rd - William Albrecht, Barbe High


Earth Science

Energy & Transportation

3rd - Katie Teegardin, Rosepine High




  1st - Caleb Fender, Barbe High

2nd - Logan Goodrich, Rosepine High

3rd - Nicholas Landry, Barbe High



Environmental Science

1st - Wesley Felter, Barbe High

2nd - Brant Jones, Barbe High

3rd - Moulero Akobi, Barbe High


  1st - Kaitlain Corbello, Barbe High 

2nd - Emily Bergeron, LaGrange High

3rd - Tatiana Guevara, Barbe High



Medicine & Health

1st - Taylor Stevens, Barbe High

2nd - Caitlyn Kudrecki, Barbe High

3rd - Payton Monticello, Barbe High 


  1st - Angelle Leger, Barbe Sr. High

2nd - Jose Castillo, South Cameron High

3rd - Allison Boll, Barbe High



Physics & Astronomy

1st - Erin LeBlanc, Barbe High

2nd - Jett Champagne. Barbe High

3rd - Victoria Payne; Kane Aguila, Rosepine High


1st - Tristan West, Barbe High

2nd - Megan Eakin, Barbe High

     3rd - Brije' Williams, LaGrange


Plant Science


  1st -  John Ham, DeRidder Sr. High

2nd - Michael Wolf, Barbe High

3rd - Rohan Maharaj, Barbe High





Junior Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

 1st - Cole Sabelhaus, Our Lady 

2nd - Taryn Collins, St. Margaret

3rd - Courtney Edwards, EDS


1st - Emily Smith, EDS

2nd -  Blake Alley, St. Margaret

3rd - Anna Queenan, EDS



Cellular & Molecular

 1st - Olivia Hubbard, ICCS

2nd - Lauren Edwards, EDS

3rd - Caleb Mathieu, Moss Bluff


1st - Gabrille Karram, ICCS 

2nd - Kristina Hudson, St. Margaret

     3rd - Mikah Jones, St. Margaret



Computer Science

1st- Ethan Peterson & Johnathan Koonce, S.P. Arnett Middle

2nd - Drew Alley, St. Margaret

3rd - Lindsey Tang, St. Margaret


1st - Alexandra Albrecht, F. K. White

        2nd - Jakob Reeves, St. Margaret

3rd - Michael Scroggins, S.P. Arnett


Earth Science

Energy & Transportation

1st - Caroline Obluda, ICCS

2nd - Noah Comeaux, St. Margaret

3rd - Anna Norton, S.P. Arnett'


 1st - Bruce Micelle, Oakdale Middle

2nd - Mia Drost, Molo Middle

3rd - Chander Ware, ICCS


Engineering Environmental Science
1st - Claire Adams, St. Margaret

2nd - Johnathan Unglaube, St. Margaret

3rd - Patrick Adeosun, EDS


1st - Nicholas Spain, St. Margaret

2nd - Hasan Mir, EDS

3rd - Noah LeJuene, St. Margaret



Medicine & Health
1st - Donald Martin, Academics ETC

2nd - Mykal Bray & Dustin Wynn, Maplewood

3rd - Bailey Anderson, ICCS


1st - Russel Mixon, ICCS

2nd - John Ellender, St. Margaret

3rd - Aniese Kattash, EDS



Physics & Astronomy
1st - Patrick Juneau, St. Margaret

2nd - Olivia Meche, St. Margaret

3rd - Samuel Marrero, EDS


1st - Rhett McCann, EDS

2nd - Mary Tete, St. Margaret

3rd - William Evans, ICCS


Plant Science


1st - Aidan Orsot, St. Margaret

2nd - Evan Marque, EDS

3rd - Cassilda Williams 




Elementary Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral and Social

1st - Jessica Cormier, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Ethan Richard, Frasch Elem.

 3rd - Grifin Simon, Gillis Elem.

HM - Jordon Hoffman, Gillis Elem.


 1st - Audrey Witherington & Macie Manuel, Oberlin

2nd - Keilon Zeno, College Oaks

3rd - Natalie Stump, T.S. Cooley

HM - Annalyse Hanks, Moss Bluff Elem.



Cellular and Molecular

1st - Henry Jansen, Rosepine

2nd -Annie Boullion, Moss Bluff Elem.

3rd - Jesse Harmon, Frasch Elem.


1st - Cameron Vincent, T.S. Cooley 





Computer Science

1st - Aubrie Duhon, S. Cameron

2nd - Haley Morris, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Colton Bailey, Rosepine

HM - Isaac Fritz, T.S. Cooley



Earth Science

Energy & Transportation

 1st - Aidan Lee, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Fallon Lincoln, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Kaleb Lirette, Frasch Elem.

HM - Zachary Trahan, Frasch Elem.


1st - Ivan Appleton, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Peyton Savoy, Oakdale 

3rd - Liane Ozoemelam, T.S. Cooley

HM - Asa Melendez, College Oaks




1st - Lauren Howell, Rosepine

2nd - Matt Fruge, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Camden Taylor, Frasch Elem.

HM - Theodore Harris, College Oaks


1st - Erin Hidalgo, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Kierra Welker, College Oaks

3rd - Logan Miller, Frasch Elem.

      HM - Andrew Yen, T.S. Cooley



Medicine & Health

1st - Drako Elley, College Oaks

 2nd - Lily Richard, A.A. Nelson




1st - Hadley Hantz, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Brady Labbie, Frasch

3rd - Konnor Pittman, T.S. Cooley

HM - Taylor James, Rosepine Elem.



 Physics & Astronomy
1st - Jacob Joubert, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Elizabeth Moon, & Reilyn Hilton & Kyle Rutherford, Moss Bluff Elem




1st - Hunter Williamson & Klayton Sonnier, Oberlin

2nd - Amelia Armstrong, Gillis Elem.

3rd - Matthew Upmeyer, Moss Bluff

HM - Jackson Bateman, Frasch Elem.


Plant Science

1st - Izabel Buxton, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Cameron Quesnel, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Lindsey Atwood, Frasch Elem.

HM - Connor Brignac, T.S. Cooley


1st - Devonte Gray & Ashonti Gray, Brentwood Elem.

2nd - Shanese Gray & A'Myra Arvie, Brentwood Elem.





Special Award Winners

U. S. Army
Angelle Leger, Barbe Sr. High (Gold Medal)
William Albrecht, Barbe Senior High School
Payton Monticello, Barbe Senior High School
Jake Prather, DeRidder High School
John Ham ,DeRidder High School
U. S. Navy
Caleb Fender, Barbe Senior High School
Elizabeth Martin, Academics Etc.
Brant Jones, Barbe Senior High School
U. S. Air Force
Donald Martin Academics Etc.
Jordan Morgan Grand Lake High
Nicky Dowling, St. Margaret
Moulero Akobi Barbe Senior High School
Genius Olympiad
Hasan Mir, EDS
Nicholas Spain, St. Margaret
U.S. Metric Association
Ivan Appleton, T.S. Cooly
Stockholm Junior Award
Emily Bergeron,  La Grange Senior High

American Meteorological Society

Noah Comeaux, St. Margaret
Russel Froemming, Rosepine High School

Department of Health & Human Services

Russel Mixon,  ICCS
Intel Excellence In Computer Science
Jacob Massi, DeRidder High School
Mu Alpha Theta
John Ham, DeRidder High School

ASM International

Caroline Obluda, ICCS
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award
John Ham, DeRidder High School
Association for Women Geoscientists
Caroline Obluda, ICCS
Yale Science & Engineering
Jacob Massi, DeRidder High School

Broadcom Masters

Caroline Obluda ICCS
Russel Mixon, ICCS
Rhett McCann, EDS
Donald Martin, Academics ETC
Claire Adams, St. Margaret
Bruce Micelle, St. Margaret
Cole Sabelhaus, Our Lady Immaculate
Alexandra Albrecht, F.K. White
Gabrielle Karram, ICCS
Emily Smith, EDS
Olivia Hubbard, ICCS

American Psychological Association

Jake Prather, DeRidder High School
NOAA US Department of Commerce
Russel Froemming, Rosepine High School

NEED Awards

Brett Anderson, Moss Bluff Elementary
Peyton Savoy, Oakdale Elementary
Matt Fruge, T.S. Cooley
J-Allan Manuel, St. Margaret
Patrick Adeosun, EDS
Kaitlyn Harrison, S.P. Arnett Middle
Lenart, Logan & Mitchell, David Reeves High School
Brant Jones, Barbe Senior High School
Caleb Fender, Barbe Senior High School

In Vitro Biology

Victoria Herline, Vinton High School

Enthusiasm In Science TRU Solutions

Peyton Savoy, Oakdale Middle School
Annalyse Hanks, Moss Bluff Elementary
Kiara Guillory, T.S. Cooly
Valeriya Deshotel, Frasch Elementary
Annabelle Smith, Gillis Elementary
Jessica Cormier, T.S. Cooly
Ivan Appleton, T.S. Cooly
Joshua Sheckells, Gillis Elementary
Logan Miller, Frasch Elementary
Shelton Chavez, Pinewood Elementary
Ghanzanfar Chaudry, A.A. Nelson
Cade Cavin, Pinewood Elementary
   Wyatt Arnatt, M.J. Kaufman Elementary
Bruce Micelle, Oakdale Middle School

Chamber of Southwest Louisiana Environmental Affairs

Senior Divison - 1st - Gabby Mcgee, Barbe Senior High
Senior Division - 2nd - Ryan Gilchrist, Barbe Senior High
Senior Division - 3rd - Brinna Hayes, Barbe Senior High
Junior Division - 1st - Sydney Duplechain, St. Margaret
Junion Division - 2nd - Clair Adams, St. Margaret
Junion Division - 3rd - Noah LeJeune, St. Margaret


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