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2016 Louisiana Region 5 Science & Engineering Fair

Winners List



2016 LR5SEF Photos


((If you see any listing that is misspelled or incorrect in any way, please send me an email and let me know - Brady Gentry -  trevize@suddenlink.net

I would like to thank all students, teachers, parents, judges, volunteers, special awards organizations and businesses, all of our very supportive sponsors, and Region 5 Science Fair Staff for helping to make the 2016 Fair a huge success.  If you have any suggestions at all to improve on the 2017 Fair, I urge you to please let Judy Reeves, 2016 Director, know.  

Best of Fair Winner gets an automatic bid to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona. in May. 

202016 Best of Fair 

Alexandra & William Albrecht, Barbe Sr. High School

2016 Senior Division Winner 

Morgan Foy, Leesville Senior High

2016 Junior Division Winner 

Nash Nichols, Nichols College Preparatory Academy

2016 Elementary Division Winner 

Gabriel Collins, East Beauregard Elementary

2016 Best of Schools

Senior Division - Rosepine Senior High

Junior Division - St. Margaret Catholic

Elementary Division - T.S. Cooley 


Trevor Perrill, Rosepine High School



The judging criteria for Categories and Special Awards are different.  Special Award sponsors typically provide guidelines and stipulations as to who their awards should be given to.  A student may pick up several Special Awards while at the same time not even placing in a category.  The Louisiana Region 5 Science and Engineering Fair has no influence on criteria for Special Awards.  Also, the selection of the Division Winners is done from the group of 1st Place Winners in each division.  The judging is done by an independent team that was not involved in the category judging.  Special Awards that any student may have garnered have no determination what so ever on whether or not he or she places and / or receives Best Of Division.


Senior Division Winners by Category


Behavioral & Social


1st - Mark McDonald, LaGrange Sr.

2nd - Lauryn McHahon & Hobie Nelson, Rosepine High School

      3rd - Racheal Johnson, LaGrange Sr.

   HM - Emily Jones, Leesville High

      HM - DeShona Alex, LaGrange Sr.


1st - Abby Ardoin, Vinton High  

2nd - Courtney Huggins & Lacie Zeigler,  LaGrange Senior High

3rd - Ashley Odom & Said Orchi, Rosepine High School

HM - Anthony Johnson, LaGrange Sr.



Biomedical & Health


 1st - Lakeyliah Stiles, Leesville High

2nd - Kelsy Daigle & Elizabeth Johnson, Lacassine High School

3rd - Farmina Islam & Hope Landry, LaGrange Senior High

HM - Madalyn Garren, LaGrange High


1st - Chloe Rouleau, Rosepine High

2nd - Joshua Huges, Pathways Christian

3rd - Linnsey Brown, Rosepine High

HM - Ariyan Alfred, LaGrange High

HM - Donte Ises, LaGrange High


Earth & Environmental

Energy - Chemical

1st - Cameron Shafer, Rosepine High

2nd - Mila Bradley, LaGrange High


  1st - Alexis Palmeter & Alliyah Skinner, LaGrange Senior High


Energy - Physical

Engineering - Mechanics

1st - Elizabeth & Edward Martin, Academics Etc. 

2nd - Kobe Joiner, Leesville Senior High

3rd - Tyler Carroll, Rosepine High School


  1st - A.J. Furlow, Leesville Senior High 

2nd - Michael Zschach, Leesville High

3rd - Trevor Perrill, Rosepine High

HM - Trevor Kibodeaux, Lacassine High


Material Science


1st - Elizabeth Froemming & Tyller Blackmon, Rosepine High School

2nd - Brycen Miller, Rosepine High


  1st - Allyson Fread, Leesville High

2nd - Jorion LeGros, LaGrange High


Physics & Astronomy

Plant Science

1st - Morgon Foy, Leesville High




1st - Kirsten Maddox, Rosepine High

2nd - Zechariah Cesar, LaGrange High

3rd - Precious White, LaGrange High


Robotics & Intelligent Machines


1st - Alexandra & William Albrecht, Barbe High School




Junior Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

 1st - Jules LeJeune, ICCS

2nd - Ivan Appleton, F.K. White

3rd - Kyle Rutherford, Moss Bluff Middle

HM - Dakota Martin, Pathways Christian

HM - Shelby Lundy, EDS


1st - Megan Grubb, EDS

2nd -  Caroline Rivers, St. Margaret

3rd - Blake Alley, St. Margaret

HM - Samantha Granger, Lacassine Jr.

HM - Anna Broussard, St. Margaret



Biomedical & Health Science

 1st - Colton Bailey, Rosepine Elementary

2nd - Ray Malerine, St. Margaret

     3rd - Malachi Doucet, F.K. White

HM - Gabbi LaBouve, F.K. White


1st (Tie) - Malaya Goins, F.K. White & Brock Reed, Life Christian 

     2nd - John Vinson, S.P. Arnett

HM - Hailey Broussard, OLI

HM - Lauren Howell, Rosepine Junior


Cellular & Molecular Biology


1st- Oliver Nixon, ICCS

2nd- Tyler Celestine, Oakdale Middle

3rd- Latavie Myers, Oakdale Middle




1st - Niraj Mitchell, St. Margaret

2nd - Marin O'Neal, ICCS

3rd - Madalyn Peterson, S.P. Arnett

HM - Kaelon Duplechin, St. Margaret

HM - Kaia Austin, ICCS


Earth & Environmental Science

Energy - Chemical

1st - Clay Dupuis, St. Margaret

2nd - Michael Willis, St. Margaret

3rd - Shadia Mustafa, EDS

HM - Danielle Fontenot, F.K. White

HM - Ashlynn Elliott, Lacassine Junior


 1st - Evan Marque, EDS

2nd - Eian Dowden, St. Margaret





Energy - Physical Engineering Mechanics
1st - Haylie Hoffpauir, Lacassine Jr.

2nd - Brock Schmitz & Mason Gauthier, Kinder Middle

3rd - Bryson Hardy, St. Margaret

HM - Nicolae David-Trouard, F.K. White

HM - Mason Schlang, F.K. White


1st - Konnor Hamborn St. Margaret

2nd - Clay Gaskin, St. Margaret

3rd - Hayley Chatagnier, F.K. White

HM - J-Allen, St. Margaret

HM - Dylan Miller, Lacassine Junior


Environmental Engineering

Material Science

1st - Andrew Wang, EDS

2nd - Isabella LeBlanc & Kendall Cormier, Jennings Elementary

3rd - Bailey Williams, F.K. White

HM - Nicholas Ughovwa, EDS

HM - Aidan Lee, F.K. White


1st - Abigail Sugandi, F.K. White

2nd - Cameo Muth, F.K. White

3rd - Wesley Maze, EDS

HM - Ben Stevens, F.K. White

HM - Nathaniel McNallay, OLI



1st - Aidan Primeaux, St. Margaret

2nd - Raven Price-Smith, Rosepine




1st - Sydney Manuel, ICCS

2nd - Kristina Hudson, St. Margaret

3rd - Braylon Turpeau, F.K. White

HM - Ethan Palay, Lacassine Jr. High 


Physics & Astronomy

Plant Science
1st - Callen Hale, ICCS

2nd - Aiden McDonald, St. Margaret

3rd - Deja Tanks, F.K. White

HM - Luke Monlezun, ICCS

HM - Kaitlin Miller, EDS


1st - Nash Nichols, Nichols College Preparatory Academy

2nd - Andrew Dennis, Home School

3rd - Harper Darbonne, ICCS

HM - Catherine Watkins, OLI

HM - Taylor James, Rosepine High


Physics & Astronomy

1st - Jakob Reeves, St. Margaret

2nd - Mason Jeffers, F.K. White

3rd - Brooke Frost, Rosepine Jr.






Elementary Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral and Social

1st - Emily McMillin, Moss Bluff Elem.

2nd - Bayli Jones, Pinewood Elementary

 3rd - Mary Willis, East Beauregard

HM - Avery Harper, East Beauregard

HM - Emma Gary & Emily Andrepont, Jennings Elementary


 1st - Hayden Bruns, Pathways Christian

2nd - Asma Khan, Combre Fondel

3rd - Garrett Limberis, Dolby Elementary

HM - MacKenzie Brown, T.S. Cooley

HM - Zane Williams, College Oaks



Biomedical & Health Science

1st - Gabriel Collins, East Beauregard

2nd -Carson Alexander, Dolby Elementary

3rd - Madison Aldridge, Rosepine Elem.

HM - Lily Hebert, Dolby Elementary



1st - Maddox Morrish, A.A. Nelson

2nd - Jolee Calvin, Pinewood Elem.

3rd - Joy Dong, T.S. Cooley

HM - Bryce Landreneau, Rosepine Elem.

HM - Ava Monceaux & Clara Guinn, Jennings Elementary 


Chemistry 1

Chemistry 2

1st - Ben Istre, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Samantha Bailey, Rosepine Elem. 

3rd - Madison George, Dolby Elem.

HM - Jayden Floyd, Moss Bluff Elem.

HM - Katherine Lewis, Pinewood Elem. 


1st - Nick Self, Dolby Elementary

2nd - Joshiah Stelly, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Ja'Quaylon Thierry, Combre Fondel

HM - Kaleb Scoville, Gillis Elementary

HM - Madison Duhon, Brentwood Elem.


Earth & Environmental Science

Energy - Chemical

 1st - Payton Walker, A.A. Nelson

2nd - Robin Walker, East Beauregard

3rd - Sydney Strout, Dolby Elementary

HM - Blake Shelton, A.A. Nelson

HM - Knyles Randall, Dolby Elementary


1st - Kaden Mott, Dolby Elementary

2nd - Daylon Stark, Dolby Elementary 

3rd - Kailey Edwards, T.S. Cooley

HM - Caleb Norwood, Life Christian

HM - Morghan Mitchell, Ralph Wilson 


Energy  - Physical

Engineering - Mechanics

1st - Garen LaBiche, A.A. Nelson

2nd - Anthony Trahan, Johnson Bayou

3rd - Reese Nordan, A.A. Nelson

HM - Kade Paddy, Rosepine Elem.

HM - Breylon Stevens, St. Theodore Holy Family 


1st - Kellen Katchur, A.A. Nelson

2nd - Kayleigh Richards & Alyssa Fruge, Moss Bluff Elementary

3rd - Gabriel Byrd, East Beauregard

      HM - Drake Bierman, T.S. Cooley

HM - Jack Cunningham, A.A. Nelson


Environmental Engineering

Material Science

1st - Hannah Woodard, Pinewood Elem.

 2nd - Jax Cleland, T.S. Cooley 

3rd - Olivia Farber, T.S. Cooley 





1st - Emma Guillory, Dolby Elementary

2nd - Ella Guidry, Dolby Elementary

3rd - Halle Midkiff, Life Christian

HM - Jaylyn Keeve, Dolby Elementary

HM  - Ayden Dishong, Life Christian



1st - Dylan Fontenot, Lake Charles Charter Academy

2nd - Mary Ellen Needer, A.A. Nelson





1st - Grace O'Neill, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Jacob St. Mary, T.S. Cooley

3rd - Ahmad Hijazi, A.A. Nelson

HM - Kiley Church, Moss Bluff Elementary

HM - Evan Chance, Moss Bluff Elementary


Physics & Astronomy

Plant Sciences
1st - Joshua Dubard, Gillis Elementary

2nd - Mateo McDonald, L.C. Chater Academy

3rd - Hadley Hoffpauir, Lacassine Elem.

HM - David Tyson, A.A. Nelson

HM - Madelyn Haydon, Pinewood Elem.


1st - Josie Behne, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Meredith Guidroz, Moss Bluff Elem.

3rd - Katherine Tucker, Moss Bluff Elem.

HM - Flora Girard, T.S. Cooley

HM - J'Vion Benjamin, Brentwood Elem.


Systems Software

1st - LaTroy Proctor, T.S. Cooley





Special Award Winners

U. S. Air Force
Skyler Ford, Rosepine Elementary
Konnor Hambor, St. Margaret
Joshua France, ICCS
Cameron Shafer, Rosepine High School
U. S. Navy
Kaia Austin, ICCS
Haylie Hoffpauir, Lacassine High School
Toby Moreno, Oakdale Middle School
Trevor Perrill, Rosepine High School
Morgan Foy, Leesville High School
ASM International
Clay Gaskin, St. Margaret
ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives
Alexandra & William Albright, Barbe Senior High
Elizabeth & Edward Martin, Academics Etc.
U.S. Metric Association
Morgan Foy, Leesville Senior High
Genius Olympiad
Elizabeth & Edward Martin, Academics Etc.

American Meteorological Society

Shadia Mustafa, EDS
Cameron Shafer, Rosepine High School

Excitement In Science Award

Avery Harper, East Beauregard Elementary
Malachi Doucet, F.K. White
Colby Trahan, St. Margaret

NASA Earth System Science Award

Shadia Mustafa, EDS
Intel Excellence In Computer Science
William & Alexandra Albrecht, Barbe Senior
Intel Science Search
A.J. Furlow, Leesville Senior High
Mu Alpha Theta
Brycen Miller, Rosepine High School
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award
Elizabeth & Edward Martin, Academics Etc.
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Alexis Palmeter & Alliyah Skinner, LaGrange Senior High
Association for Women Geoscientists
Danielle Fontenot, F. K. White
Yale Science & Engineering
Elizabeth & Edward Martin, Academics Etc.

Air & Waste Management

Clay Dupuis, St. Margaret
Nicholas Ughovwa, EDS
Shadia Mustafa, EDS
Abbey Ardoin, Vinton High

Broadcom Masters

Sydney Manuel, ICCS
Niraj Mitchell, St. Margaret
Konnor Hambor, St. Margaret
Nash Nichols, Nichols College Preparatory Academy
Haylie Hoffpauir, Lacassine High School
Abigail Sugandi, F.K. White
Evan Marque, EDS
Andrew Wang, EDS
Oliver Mixon, ICCS
Andres Dennis, Home School
John Vinson, S.P. Arnett Middle
Jakob Reeves, St. Margaret
Aidan Primeaux, St. Margaret

American Psychological Association

Emily Jones, Leesville Senior High
NOAA US Department of Commerce
Ashlynn Elliott, Lacassine Junior High

NEED Awards

Breylon Stevens, St. Theodore Holy Family Catholic
Emma Guillory, Dolby Elementary
Daylon Stark, Dolby Elementary
Kayleigh Richards & Alyssa Fruge, Moss Bluff Elementary
Kaden Lee, East Beauregard Elementary
Michael Willis, St. Margaret
Bailey Willliams, F.K. White
Elizabeth & Edward Martin, Academics Etc. 

Chamber of Southwest Louisiana Environmental Affairs

(Over 150 Entries)

 1st Place- Joshoa Ortiz  - Frasch Elementary
 2nd Place- Ty Marler  - Frasch Elementary
 3rd Place- Audrey Miller  - Frasch Elementary
1st Place Teacher- Ms. Labbie  - Frasch Elementary
 1st Place- Angel Lowe  - S.P. Arnett Middle School
 2nd Place- Anna Grace Grove  - St. Margaret Catholic School
 3rd Place- Kayla Kennedy  - S.P. Arnett Middle School
 1st Place Teacher- Ms. Vinson  - S.P. Arnett Middle School
1st Place- William Albrecht  - Barbe High School
1st Place Teacher- Mr. Donahoe  - Barbe High School


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