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2013 Louisiana Region 5 Science & Engineering Fair

Winners List



2013 LR5SEF Photos


I would like to thank all students, teachers, parents, judges, volunteers, special awards organizations and businesses, all of our very supportive sponsors, and Region 5 Science Fair Staff for helping to make the 2013 Fair a huge success.  If you have any suggestions at all to improve on the 2014 Fair, I urge you to please let Judy Reeves, 2013 Director, know.  

Best of Fair Winner and the Senior Division Winner get an automatic bid to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May. 

202013 Best of Fair 

Allison LeBleu, Agape Christian Academy

2013 Senior Division Winner 

John Ham, DeRidder High School

2013 Junior Division Winner 

Hasan Mir, EDS

2013 Elementary Division Winner 

Maeve Rhodes, T.S. Cooley Elementary

2013 Best of Schools

Senior Division - DeRidder Senior High (1st year running)

Junior Division - St. Margaret Catholic (11th year running)

Elementary Division - T.S. Cooley (3rd year running)


Barry McNeely, Vinton High



The judging criteria for Categories and Special Awards are different.  Special Award sponsors typically provide guidelines and stipulations as to who their awards should be given to.  A student may pick up several Special Awards while at the same time not even placing in a category.  The Louisiana Region 5 Science and Engineering Fair has no influence on criteria for Special Awards.  Also, the selection of the Division Winners is done from the group of 1st Place Winners in each division.  The judging is done by an independent team that was not involved in the category judging.  Special Awards that any student may have garnered have no determination what so ever on whether or not he or she places and / or receives Best Of Division.


Senior Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

1st - Rebecca Harris, DeRidder High

2nd - Austin Swire, South Cameron High




1st - Jake Prather, DeRidder High

2nd - Vera Wyatt, Barbe Senior High

3rd - Corey Samples, Rosepine High

3rd - Victoria Brown, Rosepine High



Energy & Transportation

 1st - Joseph Habisreitinger, Vinton High

2nd - Malorie Richard, Barbe Sr. High

3rd - Emma Zahm, Barbe Sr. High


1st - Barry McNeely, Vinton High

2nd - Wilson Brown, DeRidder High





1st - Brittain Poteet VI, Lacassine

2nd - Madison Bonsall, South Cameron

3rd - Clodia Booth, South Cameron







1st - Howard Smith, Rosepine High

2nd - Howard Smith, Rosepine High

3rd - Sarah Deeb, Barbe Sr. High


1st - Drelyn Guillory, St. Louis High

2nd - Addison Flowers, Rosepine High



Medicine & Health


 1st - Carah Mancuso, Barbe Sr. High

2nd - Chaunte Touson, Rosepine High

2nd - Camryn Franklin, Rosepine High



1st - Callie Dawns, East. Beauregard

1st - Kathenne Kittrell, East Beauregard

2nd - Shelbie Disatell, East Beaugegard

2nd - Jadyn Moore, East Beauregard


Physics & Astronomy

Plant Science

  1st - Allison LeBleu, Agape Christian

2nd - Dane Cooley, East Beauregard

2nd - Gordon Guillory, East Beauregard

3rd - Eddie Deason, East Beauregard

3rd - Caleb LaBorde, East Beauregard

HM - Andrew Harper, DrRidder High

HM - MyKayla Alexander, DeRidder

HM - Cyanna Darbeau, Barbe Sr. High


1st -  John Ham, DeRidder Sr. High

2nd - Brandon Cole, Rosepine High

2nd - Kourtney McKee, Rosepine High








Junior Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

 1st - Jack Quinn, ICCS

2nd - Luke Trosclair, South Cameron

3rd - Carter Broderick, EDS

     HM - Katherine Booth, St. Margaret

HM - Darlene Johnson, F. K. White


1st - Khurrum Qureshi, EDS

2nd -  Emily McGuire, St. Margaret

3rd - Lucia Riviere, ICCS

HM - Noah Berryhill, ICCS

HM - Kalyn Willis, Rosepine 



Cellular & Molecular

 1st - Morgan Monlezun, EDS

2nd - Charlie McMurry, W. W. Lewis

3rd - Emeline Watson, EDS

HM - Phillip Crist, S. P. Arnett

HM - Jasmine Barker, S. P. Arnett

HM -  Lauren Daigle, S. P. Arnett


1st - Jason Dong, F. K. White 







Computer Science

1st -  Isabella Harris, St. Margaret

2nd - Isha Sharma, F. K. White

3rd - Gabe McGill, St. Margaret

HM - Sarah Palermo, ICCS

HM - Tatiana Manthey, St. Margaret


1st - William Albrecht, S. J. Welsh

        2nd - Elizabeth Martin, Academics

3rd - Alexandra Albrecht, F. K. White




Earth Science

Energy & Transportation

1st - Sophie Dore, EDS

2nd - Cole Fleming, Lacassine Junior

3rd - Rainbow Ackerman, Rosepine'




 1st - Olivia Vaussine, W. W. Lewis

2nd - Alakyn Collins, F. K. White

3rd - Grant Caldwell, F. K. White

HM - Sophia Ijaz, ICCS

HM - Jeffery Chatagnier, F. K. White


Engineering - Electro/Mech Engineering - Material/Bio
1st - Stephen Mesuch, W. W. Lewis

2nd - Cole Harper, EDS

3rd - Joseph Bang, St. Margaret

HM - Bryce Rachal, St. Margaret

HM - Kennedy Anderson, ICCS


1st - Matthew Foreman, Moss Bluff Middle

2nd - Rhett McCann, EDS

3rd - Naomi Moreno, St. Margaret

HM - Catie Walker, EDS.

HM - Seth Hebert, St. Margaret



1st - Hasan Mir, EDS

2nd - Katie McCall, ICCS

3rd - Alyssa Foreman, Moss Bluff Middle 

HM - Edward Martin III, Academics Etc.

HM - Haley Glaze, Rosepine Junior


1st - Kevin Cagnolatti, F. K. White






Medicine & Health

1st - Lauren Edwards, EDS

2nd - Z'Tevion LeBlanc, F. K. White

3rd - Bryce McCormick, Maplewood

3rd - Ben Broussard, Maplewood

HM - Alexis Miller, S. P. Arnett

HM - Aniese Kattash, EDS


1st - Lucy Ryder, J. I. Watson

2nd - Lauren Broussard, St. Margaret

3rd - Katie Joseph, ICCS

HM - Kalen Brown, F. K. White

HM - Whitney Jones, St. Margaret


Physics & Astronomy

Plant Science

1st - Jaina Ange, St. Margaret

2nd - Hope McDaniel, St. Margaret

3rd - Christopher Breaux, S. P. Arnett

HM - Tyler Astle, Moss Bluff Middle

HM - Baleigh Derouen, S. P. Arnett


1st - Patrick Adeosun, EDS

2nd - Norval Elliot IV, ICCS

3rd - Soleigha Mouton, St. Margaret

HM - Steven Corbello, St. Margaret

HM - Madalyn Howard, St. Margaret



Elementary Division Winners by Category


Animal Science

Behavioral and Social

1st - Aubrey Caldwell, T. S. Cooley

2nd - Gavin Jackson, SWLA Charter

 3rd - Asa Melendez, College Oaks

HM - Slade Saxon, Moss Bluff Elem..

HM - Raymond Sanchez, College Oaks


 1st - Kristian Hassler, College Oaks

2nd - Justin Munoz, Rosepine

3rd - Charleigh LaRocca, College Oaks

HM - Madalyn Gordon, T. S. Cooley

 HM - Torre Marshall, T. S. Cooley



Cellular and Molecular

1st - Austin Dellafosse, T. S. Cooley

2nd -Ruhee Marfathia, A. A. Nelson

3rd - Jaidyn Poole, Gillis Elem.

HM - Allonah Thomas, Gillis Elem.

HM - Evan Bourque, Moss Bluff Elem.


1st - Ryan Erbelding, T. S. Cooley 

2nd - Matthew Holmes, Frasch Elem. 






Computer Science

    1st - Courtney Smith, Pinewood Elem.

2nd - Abbie Reviel, Pinewood Elem.

3rd - Aubrie Duhon, South Cameron

HM - Regan Hartstine, Frasch Elem.

HM - Morghan Prejean, SWLA Charter


1st - Bronson Jordan, T.S. Cooley

2nd - Cameron Miller, T. S. Cooley





Earth Science

Energy & Transportation

 1st - Kinley Lirette, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Khloie Guillory, College Oaks

3rd - Megan Billiot, College Oaks

HM - Dawson Richey, Moss Bluff Elem.

HM - Kennadi Romer, Brentwood Elem.


1st - Alexis Bostic, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Alex Leslie, College Oaks Elem.

3rd - Hayden Bertrand, Moss Bluff Elem.

HM - Austin Fruge, SWLA Charter

HM - Braddock Lord, Pinewood Elem.




1st - Bailey Degley, Rosepine Elem.

2nd - Jayce Comeaux, Frasch Elem.

3rd - Marcus Francis, SWLA Charter

HM - Zivyaara Kelly, J. J. Johnson

HM - Briana Matt, Frasch Elem.


1st - Brett Anderson, Moss Bluff Elem.

2nd - Kate Turner, T. S. Cooley

3rd - Kennadi Stills, SWLA Charter

      HM - Xaciah McCarty, Rosepine

HM - Jordan Hoffman, Gillis Elem.



Medicine & Health

1st - Erin Hidalgo, Frasch Elem.






1st - Laila Richard, SWLA Charter

2nd - Gabbi LaBouve, T. S. Cooley

3rd - Valeriya Deshotel, Frasch Elem.

HM - Lane English, Moss Bluff Elem.

HM - John Liu, College Oaks



 Physics & Astronomy
1st - Athena Hutchinson, Frasch Elem.

2nd - Mason Warner, Moss Bluff Elem.

3rd - Jason Chonko, Gillis Elem.

HM - Kristen Rigmaiden, T. S. Cooley



1st - Chayce Wing, T. S. Cooley

2nd - Kennedy Fontenot, T. S. Cooley

3rd - Hunter Dawdy, Gillis Elementary

HM - Kaylee Kinney, Frasch Elementary

HM - Bryce Polak, Frasch Elementary


Plant Science
1st - Maeve Rhodes, T. S. Cooley

2nd - Izabel Buxton, Frasch Elementary

3rd - Tyler Young, Grand Lake High

3rd - Branson Aguillard, Grand Lake High

HM - Quentin Corbin, Rosepine Elementary

HM - Shante LeBlanc, J. J. Johnson Elementary




Special Award Winners

U. S. Army
Jake Prather, DeRidder High
Barry McNeely, Vinton High
Wilson Brown, DeRidder High
Drelyn Guillory, St. Louis High
Allison LeBleu, Agape Christian
John Ham, DeRidder High
U. S. Navy
Naomi Moreno, St. Margaret
Katie McCall, ICCS
Hasan Mir, EDS
Barry McNeely, Vinton High
Wilson Brown, DeRidder High
Allison LeBleu, Agape Christian
Bryce Rachal, St. Margaret
U. S. Air Force
Elizabeth Martin, Academics, Etc.
Wilson Brown, DeRidder High
Barry McNeely, Vinton High
Allison LeBleu, Agape Christian
Genius Olympiad
Barry McNeely, Vinton High
Wilson Brown, DeRidder High
U.S. Metric Association
Jim Vanchiere, St. Margaret
Stockholm Junior Award
Joseph Habisreitinger, Vinton High

American Meteorological Society

Rainbow Ackerman, Rosepine Junior High
Cole Fleming, Lacassine Junior High

Department of Health & Human Services

Gabbi LaBouve, T. S. Cooley 
Intel Excellence In Computer Science
Allison LeBleu, Agape Christian
Mu Alpha Theta
Allison Lebleu, Agape Christian Academy
National Society For Professional Engineers
Wilson Brown, DeRidder Senior High

ASM International

Naomi Moreno, St. Margaret
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award
Drelyn Guillory, St. Louis Senior High
Association for Women Geoscientists
Kinley Lirette, Frasch Elementary
Yale Science & Engineering
Andrew Harper, DeRidder High
 MyKayla Alexander, DeRidder High

Broadcom Masters

Khurrum Qureshi, EDS 
Morgan Monlezun, EDS
Isabella Harris, St. Margaret
William Albrecht, S. J. Welsh
Grant Caldwell, F. K. White
Cole Harper, EDS
Stephen Mesuch, W. W. Lewis Middle
Matthew Foremen, Moss Bluff Middle
Hasan Mir, EDS
Lucy Ryder, J. L. Watson
Lauren Broussard, St. Margaret
Hope McDaniel, St. Margaret
Norval Elliot IV, ICCS
Patrick Adeosun, EDS

American Psychological Association

Kristian Hassler, College Oaks Elementary
NOAA US Department of Commerce
Khloie Guillory, College Oaks Elementary

NEED Awards

Braddock Lord, Pinewood Elementary
Stephen Mesuch, W. W. Lewis Middle
Bryce Rachal, St. Margaret
Hasan Mir, EDS


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